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Business Planning

Most entrepreneur organisations and business authors promote the business plan as an essential tool for evaluating an existing business or new business idea. This can be true, but since producing a business plan is a time-consuming and costly process, GSPconsult, perhaps controversially, always advises clients to decide whether they really do need a business plan or whether they need to have a plan for their business – a roadmap if you like.  A Road Map can chart how you will meet your business goals and identify the human and financial resources needed.

Of course when you need to raise capital, obtain loans or grants, secure debt financing, embark on mergers/acquisitions/joint ventures, and present expansion strategies to investors or partners, then you will most likely need a conventional Business Plan.

When a business lacks the time or skills to develop a comprehensive business plan, they may assign the research, analysis and writing to an external expert, or have an expert assist them in the process. However, at GSP Consult we firmly believe that for a business plan to be effective, the people who will have to talk to it and implement it should own it. After all, you are the one who will be presenting it to a financier, your board of directors, or your employees.

GSP Consult offers these business planning services:

Comprehensive Business Plan where a consultant from GSP Consult helps you develop your business strategy; researches and analyses your market and competitive position, and helps you create a clear and compelling business plan.

Business Plan Assistance: If you are on a more limited budget and have the time to do the research and analysis, and write up the business plan yourself, our consultant can guide your efforts. We can supply templates, and critique, edit, and format your drafts.

Business Plan Review: If you have already written your plan, we can provide an objective critique before you finalise it.

Business Plan Workshops: If you will have several business plans to prepare you may want to have your own staff trained in the process. GSP Consult is able to provide in-house seminars and workshops to meet this need.

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