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International Expansions

Moving into new markets overseas presents a real challenge for any business. So securing the right support and advice is essential  for your success.

Drawing on the expertise of its associates and organisations overseas, GSP Consult can help you evaluate whether your company is ready to make such a move; organise a fact finding mission for you; conduct a feasibility study and, when you have decided that an overseas expansion is a sound business proposition, we can work with your management team and staff to develop and execute an Implementation Plan. We can even prepare your organisation and key staff for doing business in the target country/countries through tailor-made international trade and inter-cultural communications training.

Our services include:

  • Project validation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Organisation of fact finding visits
  • Arrangement of meetings with potential business partners, government officials and professional experts
  • Business plans
  • Implementation plans
  • Negotiation support
  • Translation services


GSP Consult can conduct a thorough investigation of the target market and research sales/investment opportunities in selected markets.


Our feasibility studies consider technical feasibility (legal, fiscal and regulatory issues, cultural factors, your company and its ability to enter a new market); market feasibility (analysis of the target market; competitor analysis; PESTEL analysis) and the financial feasibility (Financing needs; Subsidies, Grants, Tax Deferral/Exemption Opportunities).


GSP Consult can assist with any or all of the following:

  • Identification, review and selection of prospective partners, customers, importers, distributors, agents, joint-venture partners, suppliers, buyers etc.
  • Preparation of detailed profiles of companies operating in the target market
  • Meetings set up
  • All travel arrangements
  • Design and production of mission-related documents such as mission brochure/website with participant profiles, posters, adverts, welcome packages etc
  • Practical on-site support: interpreters, car rental or drivers, support personnel


If you need to apply for financing for your overseas expansion GSPConsult can prepare the business plan for you either based on your own research and analysis or we can provide a full business plan service.


An Implementation Plan should identify and address all the items to be actioned for a successful installation in your chosen country such as:

  • Chart of actions to be taken and their sequence
  • Criteria for location selection
  • Structure and format of your foreign presence (Partnership, Joint Venture, acquisition)
  • Finance and accounting context
  • Marketing and sales considerations
  • Legal and regulatory environment
  • Intellectual property considerations
  • Subsidies, grants, tax deferral or exemption opportunities
  • Marketing strategies
  • Staffing requirements
  • Human resource considerations
  • Cultural considerations
  • Cultural training programme for head office staff


Once your Implementation Plan has been developed, GSP Consult can provide the following services to assist in its implementation:

  • Cultural preparation of your staff
  • Translation of documents and correspondence
  • Production of business cards and brochures
  • Travel arrangements
  • Identification and evaluation of potential business partners
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • Communications with potential partners or agents
  • Analysis of target companies
  • Site selection
  • Leasing or buying land in with investigation of land use rights
  • Utilities for your office or plant such as electricity, gas, water, waste disposal, road access, telecommunications
  • Research into financing options, subsidies and tax write-offs for various locations
  • Registration of your business presence
  • Registration of trade marks and intellectual property
  • Selection of legal and accounting specialists


GSP Consult is able to offer negotiation training through its association with specialist companies as well as support in your business negotiations.


Through our sister company GSP impacts we can help with all your translation, text revision and copywriting needs.


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