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Market & Sector Analysis

GSP Consult has a core expertise in research and analysis. In all our sectoral and market studies, we add real value for our clients through focused research and a careful analysis of the findings

Market /Sector Analysis

Our Sector and Market studies typically include:

  • Sector/market definition
  • Sector/market analysis
  • an examination of the political, economic, socio/demographic, technological, environmental and legal aspects of the broader business environment
  • Competitor identification and SWOT analysis
  • Consumer analysis: segments, niche opportunities, preferences, behaviour, trends

Studies such as these are especially relevant when you are:

  • Evaluating a business idea
  • Considering the introduction of new products/services
  • Investigating the feasibility of an expansion into a new or an overseas market

Competitor Research and Analysis

GSP Consult can focus specifically on your competitors.

Whilst ideally this should form part of a broader review of the market or even the sector, since this wider environment impacts the position and behaviour of competitors, for companies on a limited budget a competitor analysis can nonetheless provide some valuable insights.

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