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Research Services

Do you have research to be done and just no time to do it?

Is research a task on your to do list that you keep putting off because you find it boring or too difficult or you simply don’t have the resources to do it ?

GSPConsult makes it simple and quick for you to accomplish your research project !

  • We can research a subject thoroughly and fast
  • We are not restricted to English – we can gather information from sources in various languages
  • We can gather and summarise large amounts of information
  • We can write questionnaires to gather information from your current clients and your target clients and analyse the information gathered
  • We can analyse research results and make sound recommendations

In a nutshell, this is what we can do for you and your business:

  • Assist you in making the decision to pursue a business opportunity by thoroughly researching a market or business sector 
  • Help you to better understand your customers with a carefully worded survey
  • Help you to better understand your market and your potential customers
  • Analyse the results of a survey
  • Advise you on what conclusions you should draw from an analysis of your survey
  • Develop a list of keywords for you so you can have a team member take care of the research you need done
  • Help you find niche markets to develop for your on-line business
  • Gather information about any topic that you need to know more about

We can be hired for ad hoc projects or you can buy banks of hours – whatever works best for you !

Our Services include: