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Social Media

Social media is a brilliant way to get visibility and credibility for your business, your services, your products depending of course on who your target clients are. But …

…. there are more social media platforms than ever and it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to decide which ones are useful for your business and to figure out how to make appropriate and efficient use of them.

It can be time consuming getting set up on your chosen platforms, building a following and interacting with the people who are following you.

It’s really important to have a clear social media strategy and to ensure that it aligns both with your business strategy and with your marketing strategy.

At GSP Consult we can work with you to determine how social media could add value to your business or your organisation.  If it does then we can look at which social media platforms you should be active on; the conversations you need to get involved in and how; as well as what and who you should be monitoring.

We can help you develop a social media strategy tailor made to your business, your market, your objectives and your resources. We can ensure that your social media strategy meshes with your marketing plan and train your staff so that they can implement the strategy for you.

If you have people in your team monitoring your presence on social media sites, tweeting about your company, blogging and responding to comments on your company blog etc  then you should have a company policy that states clearly who is responsible for what. We can work with you to produce a robust policy that protects your business.

We can also determine the metrics and measurement that will help you to evaluate the success of your social media strategy so that you can fine tune it and make any necessary adjustments.

We also provide coaching, training and workshops to help you and your staff not only harness the power of social media but avoid any missteps so that you get a high return on investment from your efforts.

Why work with us?

Social media is handled personally by Gillian Pritchett. The breadth of her marketing experience helps her see beyond social media which ensures that if social media isn’t the right way to develop your business she will tell you – if it is then she can  help you develop a strategy and ensure that it’s integrated with your marketing strategy.  Social media is not right for every business – perhaps because their target clients are not present on social media sites perhaps because they quite simply do not have the resources and skillsets to implement and manage a social media presence. Gillian has links with consultants who are experts in specific aspects of social media such as GoViral.cz and will work with them to bring you the rounded expertise that your firms needs and deserves.

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