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Strategic Reviews

Strategic analysis and the formulation of deliverable strategies for business improvement/expansion is a fundamental component of the GSP Consult expertise.

We always aim to make a significant difference to our clients by bringing our broad, international experience and innovative ideas into the strategic review process.

At GSP Consult we believe that to be truly successful a strategy needs to reflect the culture and values of the organisation and have the buy-in of key staff.

Our approach has 2 phases:

Phase 1 Strategic Analysis
Phase 2 – Formulation of Strategic Directions.


A strategic analysis by GSP Consult is based on an initial, critical evaluation of your existing products/services, distribution channels, markets and customer base as well as the core competencies of your company.

We then examine the current market and its players; economic trends, consumer trends and government policies; activities of key competitors etc.

This process enables us to determine where you are now, where you could be and where you should be.

During this process we also identify key internal and external challenges and assess whether your company has the technical and operational capabilities and capacities needed to make your expansion plans a success.


In the light of the information gathered and evaluated in Phase I, we suggest the products or services you might eliminate, those you might add; which markets you should exit and those you should enter and how.

The GSP Consult approach differentiates itself by involving as many participants as possible in strategic discussions and planning as we believe that only a process integrating the perspectives and input of key managers and staff can result in a realistic deliverables-oriented vision of the future.

The resulting implementation strategy is then aligned with the values, culture, objectives and capabilities of your organisation; and through participation, each individual becomes committed to its implementation.

Whatever your strategic choice, GSPConsult can guide and support you during each phase, from marketing plans to the management of all aspects of the acquisition process.

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